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Free Shipping to Hawaii!

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Free Shipping to Hawaii!

Anyone who is from Hawaii or who has lived there for any period of time get’s tired of being grouped together with Alaska on the short end of the stick when it comes to various deals offered to the rest of the United States. We have all seen it in the fine print of ads or heard it right at the end of a TV commercial when the words come out: “This offer valid only in the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and Alaska extra.” What’s up with that? We don’t think it’s fair which is why we are offering free [Read More]

The Puinsai Ohana Discount - Register Now!

The Ohana Discount is our way of saying thanks to our fans. Puinsai doesn't typically do any advertising and when people take the time to seek us out and purchase a tee, sticker, or hat it means a lot. We want to reward our fans for their loyal support and the Ohana Discount is one such way. Ohana, or more accurately ‘ohana typically refers to “family” in Hawaiian Culture. The Puinsai Ohana Discount extends an average discount of [Read More]

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There is nothing better than receiving photos from our customers and friends that show how Puinsai is representin' globally. We've only had our full web site up since January of '09 and we have received a lot of great photos. Please keep them coming! We are actually working slowly towards a full site re-design and we want to have a section just for these photos because they keep us [Read More]

Keoni Lucas - More Champagne!

March 30th, 2009 - It was one year ago today that Keoni Lucas was killed in a car accident in Santa Monica, CA. I am going to go ahead and speak for all the people who had a chance to know Keoni and say that his presence on this planet is sorely missed. Keoni was the guy you always wanted to be like but just couldn't quite pull it off. Sure, you might have had one or two qualities that Keoni had but no one I have ever met put all of them together in so many special ways. Nope...there is/was only one Keoni Lucas and no matter how hard [Read More]

Behind the Scenes of the Puinsai Photo Campaign

In 2008 we had our first photo shoot to create some images for our web site. Our tagline is "Spread the Aloha" and our goal for the shoot was to have our models be the embodiment of aloha. Aloha is a strange concept to most of the world yet it is all around us. A surfer girl walking in a metropolitan area on a cold night wearing only a bikini and carrying a surf board is also a strange [Read More]

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