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Keoni Lucas – More Champagne!



March 30th, 2009 – It was one year ago today that Keoni Lucas was killed in a car accident in Santa Monica, CA.  I am going to go ahead and speak for all the people who had a chance to know Keoni and say that his presence on this planet is sorely missed.  Keoni was the guy you always wanted to be like but just couldn’t quite pull off.  Sure, you might have had some of the qualities that Keoni had but no one I have ever met put all of them together in so many special ways.  Nope…there is/was only one Keoni Lucas and no matter how hard we tried we failed because we always seemed to come up short in one of the following ways:

  • We weren’t part Hawaiian like Keoni
  • We couldn’t surf or windsurf as well as Keoni
  • We weren’t as good-looking as Keoni
  • We weren’t so damned nice and kind to EVERYONE we meet.  We are human but Keoni was Mr Aloha!
  • Our dad wasn’t Jimmy Lucas
  • We didn’t grow up as a sand/ocean child who is also part fish in Hanalei, Kauai
  • We could never wear some of the clothes Keoni wore regularly and made look damn cool
  • Our laugh doesn’t make other people laugh their ass off
  • We can’t get in to every club we go to for free just because we say “Aloha” to the bouncer
  • We aren’t half as loyal to our friends as he is to all his friends
  • We don’t have Keoni’s work ethic and desire to succeed in all things
  • We don’t have those crazy blue wolf eyes like Keoni
  • the list goes on and on

The title of this post is “More Champagne!” because Keoni loved to drink Champagne which I think is because it reminded him of all the happy times with his mother Michele, his sister Maile and his step dad Mark.  Whenever we celebrated Keoni’s birthday or a special occasion we would order Champagne and when the bottle was almost gone Keoni would always stand up and say “More Champagne!” with a giant smile.  I will never forget that even though we had so much champagne I should of.  Now…whenever I am with friends celebrating a special occasion I like to order champagne and shout out the same words in his honor.  You should try it.  It will make you smile guaranteed!

Keoni was a special person and we all miss him very much but we also learned a lot from him and those memories will be with us forever.  Rest in piece my friend and I hope the waves are nice today wherever you might be.


P.S. – Below is the Bali surf portion of the video we put together for Keoni’s memorial.  If you haven’t seen it you must check it out.


22 Responses to “Keoni Lucas – More Champagne!”
  1. Allie Comeau says:


    That’s a beautiful tribute to Keoni. I never had the good fortune to meet him and it sounds like I definitely missed out. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending a hug your way.


  2. Sabrina Callahan says:

    Big Boc Choy!!
    What an amazing peice that you wrote about Keoni. Today I woke up with such a heavy heart, reliving the moment Maile called to tell me the horrible news of her beloved bro. My heart aches for her and I can’t wait to see my Mai Mai again. But then I remmebered that even in his passing Keoni’s loveing spirit lived on. I met all of his amazing friends, you especially. You made us all smile and told great stories, you reminded us that Keoni still lives in all of us. And you made my precious Emmalani(Baby Boc Choy) laugh, and after having back to back tragedies, that meant a lot to me. The Puinsai page looks amazing and the pictures rock. Keoni would be so proud!! You always have a home on Kauai and a place in my heart.
    Love And Aloha, Sabrina Callahan

  3. Carol Lynn Quiroga says:

    I had the pleasure to work with an amazing guy full of aloha with a contagious smile and laugh and soulful blue eyes!!!! Keoni is unforgettable and left a lasting impression on everyone he met. It’s so hard to speak of him in the past tense because he was so full of life and I remember him like it was yesterday. I proudly modeled his brand in the clubs/bars in Waikiki for him. He was such a great guy and a pleasure to be around and I will truly miss him as all of us wil. LOVE.PEACE.ALOHA

  4. Jason Clayton says:

    This is something I KNOW he would enjoy for what you have done Chris. You to me are now extended family. And he always lives through me as well. I will NEVER forget.

    much love,
    Jason Clayton

  5. Rex Herman says:

    Below is a re-posting of a blog I had written for the North Shore Kaua’i website a year ago. I can’t even begin to express my sadness over OUR loss. I hope we all remember to live each day with love and honor in are daily grind…just like Keoni. I’ll never be as good as him either, Christian.

    R.I.P Keoni Kai Lucas-CHILD OF GOD AND MY FRIEND!! Ihave never met anyone who had the Light of God in them like Keoni. I worked with Keoni and his father Jimmy at Duke’s Canoe Club for five years, after moving to Honolulu from Raleigh, NC. When I arrived I was an ignorant redneck (typical stupid “hoele boy”) Keoni truly taught me about ALOHA and changed me forever, by infusing my soul with mana. He showed me a better way of living and looking at life. He taught me that it’s not about taking yourself to a higher level of wealth or possesions, BUT TAKING ALL THOSE AROUND YOU TO A HIGHER LEVEL WITH FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION, AND LOVE! ( what the Aloha Spirit is truly about). He never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and always made you happy to be in his presence. He would make you smile and laugh when you were sad, and always knew the right thing to say when you were frustrated or upset.I have never met such an inspirational man-AND I TRULY MEAN THAT. May peace be in your soul and with your family and friends. Heaven is made of souls like Keoni’s, and sometimes it is right here on Earth to shine on us for a brief time. You shined on me brother and I will take you with me the rest of my life-God Bless you and thank you. I miss you! your friend Rex

  6. Keith Garcia says:

    Keoni was so much to many. He impacted my life for the 5 years I’ve known him and he will continue to live on in my wonderful memories of how kind he was to my wife and children, let alone me.
    What an amazing man with such a rich legacy he left behind. He is missed dearly and I hope one day to ride some waves with him in Heaven.
    A hui kaua Keoni…



  7. Colin Sims says:

    Just Thinking of Keoni and all the good times makes me smile…Thanks for the tribute!!!!

  8. matthew bottorff says:

    Thank you Christian so much for never forgetting how special Keoni is to sooo many people and i think about him everyday and still talk to him like hes by my side. We were very fortunate to get to spend so much quality time with him and to have so many incredible memories to daydream about. It seemed like time always went so fast when your with Keoni because everything seemed and was so much more fun with him. I will always love Keoni Kai Lucas as a friend and a brother in life. Aloha, and ” More Champagne !!! “

  9. Ana says:

    Keoni is always leading his “aloha” spirit by touching many people’s lives. His Legacy lives on.
    I tribute my hula dance to you on May 2, 2009. Cheers to you Keoni ! And YES …more ” Champagne !!! ”
    Love and Light ~Ana

  10. Challen Edwards says:

    Godspeed, Keoni. May you find the perfect wave.

  11. Kathryn Kennel says:

    Thanks for sharing this memorial to your very “bestest’ friend….it appears that you each flourished with each other’s friendships. thank God for memories and DVD’s. I always cry…


  12. Brian Reeder says:

    I am so grateful to have known Keoni. I’ll never forget our conversation about the multifaceted meaning of the word “Puinsai”. What started out as a Hawaiian term that surfers used to encourage one another to “pull inside” a barrel eventually blossomed into an all-encompassing term which is the Hawaiian equivalent of “Carpe Diem”. It is a call to courage. It is a motivator to live the best life you can live. To follow your dreams. To be inspired. These were the tenets that Keoni lived by, and for myself, when times get rough, or I am faced with fear or doubt, I remind myself to “Puinsai”. It hasn’t failed me yet, and without a doubt, it has made me a happier and more prideful person on a day to day basis. For that, I am forever in debt to my friend, Keoni Lucas.

    It’s no coincidence that when my wife and I give birth to our first child in July, we will be naming him Lucas.

    Much love, Brother. Your aloha continues to spread.


  13. MIchael Rupp says:


    I worked with you & Keoni @ Duke’s for 3 years back when you first started Puinsai. I just saw a Memorial to Keoni on a TV show, Clean House, & I am speechless. It was so many years ago, but just as you said, Keoni left a lasting impact on me. I always remember him as the epitome of the Aloha spirit. I also wish I could be half the person he was. I wish I had known he was on the mainland & connected.

    Thanks for putting together a great remembrance of a truly great man.

  14. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  15. emmalani lloyd says:

    uncle keoni was a great uncle and i loved him and i still do that was a great video!


  16. Tiffaney Boyd says:

    Thank you!
    I still miss him everyday, but like you am greatful God graced me by placing him into my life. I hope I can continue to spread the Aloha he so kindly shared with me. Please stay in touch.


  17. Dylan McCall says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Keoni out in the line up at Airport Rights in Bali just a couple days before he jumped on the boat to the mentawais. Keoni let me tag along while he was in Bali and he introduced me to all da bradas on the trip. One of da bradas is now one of my best friends. Mahalo Keoni! I rep my PUINSAI shirt w/ pride.

  18. lovee says:

    wowzerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! what a beautiful tribute my dear. Keoni was always ‘peter pan’ to me. i told him that. i remember first meeting him working at dukes. it was so hard to look into those beautiful blue-green eyes. he was so beautiful it made me nervous. but once i got to know him, i found that he was not only so beautiful outside, but a gorgeous person within. wow…when i heard the news i couldnt believe that god would take such an angel from us so soon. my heart goes out to all that had the privlege to know and spend great times with him. i love you sweet peter pan Keoni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. carrie says:

    I found this terrible tradgedy as I was searching for Keoni on FB… I met him while I lived on Catalina Island in 2000 while he was working a MTV reality show… I remember he and another guy walking down front street while I lay on the beach and they stopped to say hello and he invited me to accompany him to the “Wrap” party, I have an amazing photo of him and I dancing both mesmerized by the moment…. he would come visit me many times after that. He was not only beautiful your right on the outside but most beautiful on the inside and such a soulful man. My heart is heavy that I will have to wait to see him again. Aloha my friend! C-

  20. Mike Horelick says:

    Thank you for this memory of Keoni. Having known Keoni, I can honestly say that it is all true – Keoni was a beautiful person inside and out and brought joy to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. We made a film a few years back and Keoni was such a gentleman – friendly to all and the hardest worker around. On a side note, my wife said, “That guy is so hot in every way!” and I didn’t get jealous since he was such a great guy – such is the beauty of this Hawaiian guy who lived the word Aloha. He is still missed! Mike Horelick, Lina Karlsson and Family

  21. Beth Kennel says:

    Thank you, Christian! This beautiful tribute to your friend is very heartwarming. Keoni exuded a passionate love of life, a willingness to explore and challenge himself. He shared a genuine love of others, of humanity in general, but especially of family and friends. To look into those blue eyes was to be swept away to a different place where “aloha” abided. I felt his spirit at your wedding this summer. I am grateful for the time you both had together.


  22. Teal says:

    I too stumbled across this today as I searched for my first love on FB wanting to see what a wonderful life he had no doubt created for himself. I am heartbroken to see I missed reconnecting yet reminded how blessed I was to have known him and enjoyed a teenage crush with him growing up in Hawaii. A true walking light who made all around him better with infectious aloha pouring from his ocean blue eyes and beautiful smile. I lament not staying in touch or trying to find him again sooner but see that he was surrounded by great friends who loved him dearly. I look forward to the day I see him again on a perfect beach no doubt.
    In my heart,

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