Monday,January 17th,2022

Behind the Scenes of the Puinsai Photo Campaign


In 2008 we had our first photo shoot to create some images for our web site. Our tagline is “Spread the Aloha” and our goal for the shoot was to have our models be the embodiment of aloha.  Aloha is a strange concept to most of the world yet it is all around us.  A surfer girl walking in a metropolitan area on a cold night wearing only a bikini and carrying a surf board is also a strange concept.

The shoot was a blast and the models were great. Our friend Guillermo shot the images for us and we were his PA’s. You can see more of Guillermo’s work on Flickr under various monikers but Velvia333 is where he is at these days. We must note that Guillermo did some creative color correction and cropping on his stream but we are uploading straight images with little or no retouching.


We shot in LA in 3 different sessions over a weekend and we were very happy with what we shot. Sadly, my best friend and business partner in Puinsai, Keoni Lucas, was killed in a car accident about two months after we had this shoot. That would explain why we have been slow to move with releasing these images and developing our site.

You can view many of the untouched photos from our 2 day shoot on the Puinsai Flickr page here!

We will be doing more shoots in 2009 and our goal is to shoot a similar concept but in different places around the world. The world could use a little more Aloha. If you are interested in helping please let us know. We want to focus on urban areas where surfers might seem out of place. Paris, Berlin, Parts of Africa, and parts of Asia would be really fun to shoot.


2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes of the Puinsai Photo Campaign”
  1. "MADDOG" says:

    Keoni, I miss you EVERY DAY MY BROTHER…Keeping an eye on your Father and Vice/versa Aloha from Thailand. Love to the Lucas family

  2. aaron says:

    keoni, were taking care of your sister over here in cabo… puinsai, aloha!

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