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Free Delivery to HawaiiAnyone who is from Hawaii or who has lived there for any period of time get’s tired of being grouped together with Alaska on the short end of the stick when it comes to various deals offered to the rest of the United States.

We have all seen it in the fine print of ads or heard it right at the end of a TV commercial when the words come out: “This offer valid only in the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and Alaska extra.”   What’s up with that?  We don’t think it’s fair which is why we are offering free shipping to Hawaii on any order over $25.  As long as your “ship to” address is somewhere in the state of Hawaii, you will see the option for Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail when you check out.  No need to enter a coupon or do anything special.  Now if only other companies would follow suit.

The Ohana Discount is our way of saying thanks to our fans. Puinsai doesn’t typically do any advertising and when people take the time to seek us out and purchase a tee, sticker, or hat it means a lot. We want to reward our fans for their loyal support and the Ohana Discount is one such way.

Ohana, or more accurately ‘ohana typically refers to “family” in Hawaiian Culture. The Puinsai Ohana Discount extends an average discount of roughly 25% to all of our fans who register and request membership starting after Jan 1st, 2010 and continuing until further notice. If you have purchased any item from the Puinsai Online Store at any time before December 31st, 2010 you are already a member.

You don’t need to buy anything in order to get this discount, you just register on the site as a new user and select the “Ohana – Friends & Family” option in the membership section (see photo reference below).

Puinsai signup window sample

How to sign up:

  1. Register here:
  2. Select “Ohana – Friends & Family” from drop down menu under the “Username & Password” section
  3. Submit registration
  4. Wait 24-48 hours for new membership to be reflected on Puinsai Store.
  5. Enjoy a 25% discount until further notice.

Mahalo for your continued support!

NOTES/TERMS/CONDITIONS: Please allow 24-48 hours to activate your “Ohana” membership. It is not instantaneous. We will be automatically notified when you register so there is no need to email us. There is currently no expiration date to sign up for this discount but we do reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time and to change the amount of the discount.


There is nothing better than receiving photos from our customers and friends that show how Puinsai is representin’ globally.  We’ve only had our full web site up since January of ’09 and we have received a lot of great photos.  Please keep them coming!  We are actually working slowly towards a full site re-design and we want to have a section just for these photos because they keep us motivated.

Some of the photos make us laugh the same we laughed when we first started Puinsai back in 1994.  This is a brand that has a goal to spread the aloha globally but we also have a sense of humor.


Our friend, Makoa just got back from touring Europe and he sent in some funny photos including the two above.  Thanks Makoa!


You know your in Hawaii when you go to the airport and the bathroom signs have dudes in Aloha shirts on them.

Of course we also love when people send in photos of our future women’s pro surf team posing with their bodyguard.  In this case, Emmalani, Czar (Body Guard), and Mokihana from Hanalei, Kauai.


Puinsai is slowly building up steam globally and we recently shipped some tees to the Tim and his daughters in South Shields, England.  Yes mate, they do surf in England.



Please keep the images and the letters coming.  We just created a section of our Flickr Page dedicated to submissions from our Ohana (Family) around the world.  You can check out all of the photos featured here and many more by going to our Puinsai Flickr Page.


March 30th, 2009 – It was one year ago today that Keoni Lucas was killed in a car accident in Santa Monica, CA.  I am going to go ahead and speak for all the people who had a chance to know Keoni and say that his presence on this planet is sorely missed.  Keoni was the guy you always wanted to be like but just couldn’t quite pull off.  Sure, you might have had some of the qualities that Keoni had but no one I have ever met put all of them together in so many special ways.  Nope…there is/was only one Keoni Lucas and no matter how hard we tried we failed because we always seemed to come up short in one of the following ways:

  • We weren’t part Hawaiian like Keoni
  • We couldn’t surf or windsurf as well as Keoni
  • We weren’t as good-looking as Keoni
  • We weren’t so damned nice and kind to EVERYONE we meet.  We are human but Keoni was Mr Aloha!
  • Our dad wasn’t Jimmy Lucas
  • We didn’t grow up as a sand/ocean child who is also part fish in Hanalei, Kauai
  • We could never wear some of the clothes Keoni wore regularly and made look damn cool
  • Our laugh doesn’t make other people laugh their ass off
  • We can’t get in to every club we go to for free just because we say “Aloha” to the bouncer
  • We aren’t half as loyal to our friends as he is to all his friends
  • We don’t have Keoni’s work ethic and desire to succeed in all things
  • We don’t have those crazy blue wolf eyes like Keoni
  • the list goes on and on

The title of this post is “More Champagne!” because Keoni loved to drink Champagne which I think is because it reminded him of all the happy times with his mother Michele, his sister Maile and his step dad Mark.  Whenever we celebrated Keoni’s birthday or a special occasion we would order Champagne and when the bottle was almost gone Keoni would always stand up and say “More Champagne!” with a giant smile.  I will never forget that even though we had so much champagne I should of.  Now…whenever I am with friends celebrating a special occasion I like to order champagne and shout out the same words in his honor.  You should try it.  It will make you smile guaranteed!

Keoni was a special person and we all miss him very much but we also learned a lot from him and those memories will be with us forever.  Rest in piece my friend and I hope the waves are nice today wherever you might be.


P.S. – Below is the Bali surf portion of the video we put together for Keoni’s memorial.  If you haven’t seen it you must check it out.

In 2008 we had our first photo shoot to create some images for our web site. Our tagline is “Spread the Aloha” and our goal for the shoot was to have our models be the embodiment of aloha.  Aloha is a strange concept to most of the world yet it is all around us.  A surfer girl walking in a metropolitan area on a cold night wearing only a bikini and carrying a surf board is also a strange concept.

The shoot was a blast and the models were great. Our friend Guillermo shot the images for us and we were his PA’s. You can see more of Guillermo’s work on Flickr under various monikers but Velvia333 is where he is at these days. We must note that Guillermo did some creative color correction and cropping on his stream but we are uploading straight images with little or no retouching.


We shot in LA in 3 different sessions over a weekend and we were very happy with what we shot. Sadly, my best friend and business partner in Puinsai, Keoni Lucas, was killed in a car accident about two months after we had this shoot. That would explain why we have been slow to move with releasing these images and developing our site.

You can view many of the untouched photos from our 2 day shoot on the Puinsai Flickr page here!

We will be doing more shoots in 2009 and our goal is to shoot a similar concept but in different places around the world. The world could use a little more Aloha. If you are interested in helping please let us know. We want to focus on urban areas where surfers might seem out of place. Paris, Berlin, Parts of Africa, and parts of Asia would be really fun to shoot.

haleiwa_signWhere the heck has Puinsai been?  Some of you might be new to our brand but for those of you who go back to the early nineties when we got started you know that we haven’t been the most aggressive company when it comes to marketing.  For the most part we just sold our tees and stickers to some select vendors and friends and left it at that.  We didn’t mind that we were hard to find.  Keoni and I always shared a vision of one day bringing the company to Los Angeles and launching our global marketing campaign from here.  We both felt that it would be a great launching pad especially since we both worked in the TV/Film Industry.  In 2006 we started to make this vision happen but we hit some road blocks along the way.  Here’s a brief recap:

  • Legal Battle (2006): The first hurdle was fighting a two year legal battle with a party who was attempting to takeover our brand because they thought it was abandoned.  We decided to try and work it out on our own because we had never abandoned anything and we could prove it rather easily.  That was a mistake and we ended up going to court.  On the eve of the case we settled everything but it took forever and distracted us from our stateside launch.
  • Production (2007): While the legal case was a huge bummer and occupied much of our time, Keoni and I were excited to get to work on locating new suppliers and crafting new designs.  Over a 13 month period we ran various sample runs and worked with three different printers and were deeply disappointed.  We still have yet to find a production house who delivers what we ask for and within a month of the target date they promise.  The reality is that while LA has a lot of resources for an apparel company, there are also a lot of very large brands and most of these printers cater to them so the smaller guys like us get shut out in both priority and quality.  We still have yet to identify a production house we want to grow with.
  • Tragedy Strikes (2008): Despite all of the hurdles, Keoni and I persevered and were hard at work developing new designs and building our first ever Puinsai Online Store.  We were starting to make some progress by early March 2008 and the prospect of getting Puinsai on Al Gore’s internet was exciting for us.  We had a great photo shoot and were proud of what we were able to produce and the campaign we developed.  Sadly, on March 30th, Keoni was involved in a fatal car accident and our world came crashing down. I had never lost someone so close and so unexpectedly and it was devastating.  It still is. Keoni and I had been best friends for over 15 years and we shared many of the same dreams.  One of those shared dreams was building Puinsai in to a global brand with a mission of “Spreading the Aloha”.  The world could use a little more aloha.  For the rest of 2008 all development on Puinsai stopped.  After some deep reflection I felt a renewed sense of urgency to move ahead with Puinsai and honor Keoni.  It is going to be difficult without his help and the current economic climate is also a challenge but I know we can make this work with a little help from our friends.

So there you have it.  Puinsai was born in 1994 and despite all of the bumps along the road we are still here today.  We are sure to hit many more bumps along the way but we know that one day our brand will extend to areas of the globe we never thought we could reach.


Aloha world!  Yes…we know we are a bit late to this thing called the internet but we are on Hawaii time.  You know the saying: “Slow down cuz, this ain’t the mainland!”  Oh wait…we are in LA now and I guess it is.  We launched this blog which we are calling the “Spread Aloha” blog because apparently you are supposed to name your blog?  Who knew?  We want to use this blogspace to communicate with our Puinsai Ohana (Family) so we hope you will subscribe so we can keep you updated on what we are up to.  The fact is that we need all of you to help us spread the aloha.  Topics will be all over the map but they will all relate to Puinsai and spreading the aloha.

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